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Cae'r Bryniau



The next three challenges!

Posted on January 26, 2020 at 11:30 AM

Challenge No. 2 - Confit of Salmon with sweet dill pickled vegetables 

The time had come for the second challenge. I this case I opted this time for a relatively simple confit salmon, using Rick Stein’s with sweet dill pickled veg. It’s not a huge dish (more of a starter) so we’ll have cheese for seconds!

It was pretty straightforward. The pickling liquor was simple and the mustard mayonnaise was easy but delicious. The fish was cooked in the sous vide at 50˚ for 20 minutes.

Overall a very successful dish. The only downside was that the charred lettuce could have been more charred and perhaps presented more attractively. Definitely a dish to do again and again!

Challenge No. 3 - Roast Game Bird with all the trimmings

This was a apparently straightforward one. I used the two pheasants that Mary E had given us and opted for the Leith’s Cookery Bible version aas the basis, but also looked elsewhere for other options. The inclusion of Game Chips was one idea and clearly what the challenger had expected. Bread sauce was also a must, apparently. The Game Cook Book also suggest butter-fried breadcrumbs and brussel sprouts.

I obtained some pork fat from our fabulous butchers to bard the breasts and it was a pretty straightforward process. There were two sizes of bird, so the bigger one cooked for 40 minutes and the smaller 30 minutes. Game chips were made in the fryer and were really good (the mandoline was necessary for the thinness of the chips).

As with so many of the recipes, presentation has proved to be a challenge. What colour plate? How do you make such a dish attractive? I made a great port and redcurrant sauce to go with it and although it was very tasty, it looked like a home-cooked Sunday lunch.

Comments from the reviewers

1. Very moist pheasant

2. Breadbcrumbs, chips and bread sauce all worked well

3. Gravy tasted better than it looked – too ‘grey’


Challenge No. 4 - Baked Alaska with Nutella Ice Cream

This took a lot of preparation. The Baked Alaska with Nutella Ice Cream was from Monica Galetti’s ‘The Skills.’

It called for brioche for the base of the Alaska, so I made this the day before, along with the Nutella Ice Cream.

Both were relatively simple but the ice cream should have been cooled a bit more before churning in the ice cream bowl. As with so many recipes, the preparation uses a lot of bowls and stages – see below…

When it came to the making the Alaska, I made a base from the brioche and spread Nutella over the base. I made the base from piecing together the brioche, having cut it from the side, but it would, in hindsight, have been easier if I had cut across the bottom in a circle.

Assembling was straightforward – until it came to the Italian meringue. The meringue (my first effort) had been good in spite of the need to get the temperature of the sugar solution to 121˚.

Once the ice cream was on the base, I had to pipe the meringue onto it, but it was difficult to get pattern even and attractive. It was tasty but a mess.

Reviewers’ comments

Delicious! Presentation in need of work – piping was wibbly wobbly and the brioche base was visible. Ice cream was fabulous.



Categories: Nick's 60th Challenge